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Guru Penggerak Inovasi Pembelajaran (GPIP) FKIP-UT

Guru Penggerak Inovasi Pembelajaran (GPIP) FKIP-UT


Through the field of CoP, GetLab promote a program of Teachers’ Teaching Innovator named as GPIP, The program involves learning technology practitioners from Microsoft Indonesia to jointly train FKIP teacher-students. The teachers from all UPBJJ-UT Universitas Terbuka in all provinces in Indonesia received intensive training for 4 online meetings and independent learning through structured tasks and learning via FKIP micro learning for theoretical materials. As for practical assignment, al the trainees are assigned to fulfill a training project involving at least other teacher-students.

Through the GPIP Program, it is expected that teachers will be able to become modern trainers towards ICT-based learning and teaching. Additionally, the GPIP program is expected to strengthen and accelerate the achievement of the Program of “Guru Penggerak” released by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. By cultivating the principles of learning and teaching technologies promoted by FKIP, it is hoped that the trainers prepare a following GPIP teachers who will be able to synergize with the Tasks of the Ministry of Education and Culture in efforts to equalize the ability to teach generation of Indonesia based on the latest technology.


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