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This serves you with online portals aiming at supporting the improvement of Digital and Online Competencies for Students, Lecturers, Tutors, and Supervisors. Please CLICK on BADGE & CERTIFICATE to start Learning. WEBINAR is necessary for taking a certificate of competence. All achievements you gain will be stored in ACHIEVEMENT portal.


Skills-You-Need is micro courses designed from Lecturers and students to accelerate continuous professionals and carriers development through online environment. The micro courses are grouped into Badge and Certificate. A Badge is designed to indicate achievement against a certain competence in digital and online learning. Several corresponding badges may be combined into a competency. Someone mastering a competence will gain a certificate. At this time, this program is dedicated only for internal FKIP Purposes. In the long run, this program should also be open for public as FKIP's contribution to national human quality resources development program.


Webinar is an online facility provided for whom requesting of taking a certificate program. This webinar is necessarily taken by whomever to ensure their learning processes and actual participation in their-taken certificate program.