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About us

Serving Quality Teacher Education

GETLab serves as students interfaces portal for qualifying their learning processes and ensuring their digital and online competencies. This portal functions in both providing student learning counselling and strengthening and widening student necessary capacities regarding digital and online learning. GETLab contains mainly portals of research groups of FKIP lecturers, courses practiques and practicums, and online micro courses.


GETLab was designed since 2018 and just published in 2019 under FKIP UT Leadership. This aims at intensifying communication among the Study Programs with all components and stakeholders related to quality teaching and learning for all students. Its development was under the four research projects which are focusing on Small scale practices and practicums led by Dr. Sandra Sukmaning Adji, M.Sc., Microteaching led by Sri Sumiyati, M.Pd., a Student Research Program led by Dr. Dody Sukmayadi, MSc.Ed. and Marisa, M.Pd.., and introduction to schooling systems led by Leonard R. Hutasoit .


This Project reinvents new concepts and models of online-enriched practical courses for teacher education programs in open and distance higher education system in Indonesia. The Project is under the UT Research Grand no. 32691/UN31.LPPM/PM/2019, dated on 23 Juli 2019. This aims at developing an online platform where students are facilitated to build their academic portfolio regarding their continuous learning achievement and authentic reportage of practical-course activities during their study in UT.

Digital & Online Competencies